The Kraken


Robot Name: Kraken
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: N/A (COVID-19 Shutdown)
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2020
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: N/A (COVID-19 Shutdown)

Competition Description:

The competition involves stacking LEGO Duplo blocks in a specified color order based upon resistor color codes. The blocks are then stacked in the order of the digits of pi. The Duplo blocks have to be collected from equally spaced cubbies around the arena. There is also a button wall with 10 light-up buttons that lit up sequentially in the order of pi. Teams are asked to actuate the buttons in the correct order while stacking the blocks in a 3 minute time limit.

Team Members:

  • Alec Yen - Team Captain, Electrical
  • Nick Barton - Mechanical
  • Ben Klein - Programming
  • Aiden Rutter - Programming
  • Ian Lumsden - Programming
  • Rachel Harris - Mechanical
  • Patrick Buchanan - Electrical
  • Refati Rusitanmu - Programming
  • Cade Brown - Programming
  • Ben Lau - Mechanical
  • Jonathan Ting - Programming
  • Sean Meier - Mechanical
  • Max Wagner - Mechanical
  • Clay Moody - Mechanical