Robot Name: Karl
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: 14th of 46 teams
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2019
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: Huntsville, AL

Competition Description:

This year’s competition involves clearing space debris (in the form of color-coded blocks or pit balls) while avoiding Spacetels (in the form of LED obstacles) and returning to home base within the time limit of three minutes. The playing field took place on a square carpet with surrounding walls and a circular playing zone.

Team Members:

  • Ben Klein - Team Captain, Software
  • Maxx Robinson - Hardware, Electrical
  • Nick Barton - Mechanical
  • Aiden Rutter - Software
  • Ian Lumsden - Software
  • Patrick Buchanan - Electrical
  • Rachel Harris - Mechanical
  • Matthew Umsted - Mechanical
  • Alec Yen - Electrical
  • Yaw Mensah - Electrical
  • Tate Kinney - Electrical
  • Sai Thatigotla - Software
  • Rus Rusitanmu - Software
  • John Codevilla - Electrical
  • Alan Ayala - Software