Zero Flux


Robot Name: Zero Flux
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: 13th Place
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2018
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: St. Petersburg, FL

Competition Description:

This year involved a two-level rectangular course filled with pirate-themed challenges. Robots began on the upper level of the field (the ship), came down a ramp to the lower level (the island), and then had to complete a few different challenges on the island, such as rotating an encoder wheel, picking up a weighted electrical box, and hitting switches on the edges of the floor in the correct order.

Team Members:

  • Parker Mitchell - Team Captain, Software
  • Andrew Messing - Software, Robot Design
  • Anthony Stewart - Software
  • Maxx Robinson - Hardware, Electrical
  • Nick Winston - Electrical
  • Ben Johnson - Software
  • Kevin Ye - Software
  • Ben Klein - Software
  • Aiden Rutter - Software
  • Ian Lumsden - Software
  • Jordan Sangid - Electrical
  • Matt Lamsey - Mechanical
  • Patrick Buchanan - Electrical
  • Rachel Harris - Mechanical
  • Roy Tan - Electrical
  • Alec Yen - Electrical
  • Yaw Mensah - Electrical
  • Jared Baxter - Electrical
  • Sean Indelicato - Mechanical
  • Zach Nelson - Mechanical