Robot Name: Vol-E
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: 8th Place
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2016
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: Norfolk, Virginia

Competition Description:

For this year’s competition, the robot must navigate a course that is a simulated port. The robot must make it’s way from the starting square over to a barge to grab shipping containers. The robot must sort the containers(wooden blocks) based on color and size. After sorting the blocks, the robot must take them to the appropriate shipping zone (boat, rail, or truck). The robot has five minutes to complete the autonomous competition. Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Cory Walker - Team Captain
  • Parker Mitchell - Software
  • Anthony Stewart - Software
  • Andrew Messing - Software, Robot Design
  • Maxx Robinson - Robot Design, Hardware, Electrical
  • Nick Winston - Electrical
  • Ben Johnson - Software
  • Kevin Ye - Software
  • Josh Reed - Hardware
  • Rachel Offutt - Software, Hardware
  • John Mechkowski - Electrical
  • Alex Roschli - Electrical

Photo 2016-03-30 07_12.jpg Photo Photo 2015-09-11 12_46 (1).jpg eCABQ_20151020_125628.jpg Course Photo 2015-09-10 03_49.jpg Photo 2015-09-10 03_51.jpg Photo 2015-07-20 08_26.jpg Photo 2015-09-11 12_46.jpg Event