Robot Name: Volts
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: 14th Place
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2011
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: Nashville, TN

Competition Description:

The objective of this competition was to locate victims trapped in a building, determine their status, sense hazards, and report this information to the emergency responders. Victims were represented by cylindrical objects which contained LEDs and emitted low-frequency electromagnetic fields. The following information was also known in advance:

    • Floor plan
    • Types of obstacles which could be encountered
    • Methods to locate victims and determine their health status
    • Methods to sense hazards

Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Andrew Burks - Display/Audio
  • Kevin Burress - Victim ID
  • Rick Gonyea - Dead Reckoning/Obstacle Avoidance
  • Jeff Hatch - Team Lead/Course Design
  • Devin Justice - Hazard Detection/Victim ID
  • Will Martin - Victim ID
  • Adam Smith - Chassis/Speakers
  • Jonathan Zook - Line Following/Navigation

volts\_robot1 volts\_robot2 volts\_painting1 volts\_painting2