Sol Vol


Robot Name: Sol Vol
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Team Placement: 18th Place
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2010
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: Charlotte, NC

Competition Description:

The primary objective of this competition was to drive around a track as many times as possible within the given time limit. However, no batteries or fuel were used as a source of energy. Instead, team members had to use solar panels to collect energy to power their robot. The track contained several different types of obstacles and terrains. In order to successfully complete the challenge, a vehicle needed to travel around the track, passing through/over obstacles while collecting energy from lamps scattered throughout the course. Points were awarded for every lap successfully completed, but bonus points were also awarded to vehicles that successfully navigated one or all of the obstacles on a given lap. Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Matt Brown - Power Systems
  • Brian Doll - Microcontrollers/Software Design
  • Rick Gonyea - Course Construction
  • Ben Hardy - Energy Collection
  • Phil Irminger - Sensors
  • John Kelly - Sensors/Controls
  • Gene Phillips - Energy Storage

sol\_vol\_competition1 sol\_vol\_competition2 sol\_vol\_competition3 sol\_vol\_team sol\_vol\_closeup sol\_vol\_solar\_panels