Robot Name: Voltron
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Year: 2008

Competition Description:

The goal was to find, retrieve and return to home base, 2-inch cube, wooden blocks with attached RFID tags within the competition time limit of six minutes. The block point values were determined by their color and numbers encoded on attached RFID tags. Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Daniel King - Positioning Sensors
  • Justin Kopp - Positioning Software
  • Kevin Omoumi - Motors
  • Brittnee Robinson - Systems Integration
  • Nathan Rowe - Block Acquisition Sensors
  • John Slinger - Chassis
  • Akaninyene Udoeyop - Mechanical Control Software
  • Andrew White - Block Acquisition
  • Chris Zhang - Power Systems


voltron\_robot1 voltron\_robot2 voltron\_robot2 voltron\_working1 voltron\_working2