Xpress Delivery


Robot Name: Xpress Delivery
Team: Undergraduate Robotics Team
Year: 2006

Competition Description:

The competition involved a test track which consisted of a starting area, a package chute, and 3 “planes”. The goal was to have an autonomous robot which could successfully navigate to the chute, extract 12 packages one at a time, and deliver them to the corresponding plane. The packages were each labeled with a barcode for their corresponding plane, and there was guaranteed to be exactly 4 packages for each plane. An added constraint was that each plane had a different departure time. One would depart after 3 minutes, one after 4 minutes, and one after 5 minutes, so an ideal design would be to deliver all 12 packages in less than 3 minutes. Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Michael Arms - Linkage and Transfer Systems
  • Brian Austin - Coding/Sensors
  • Steven Bishop - Drive Train/Power Systems
  • Bryan Bollinger - Coding/Sensors
  • Ruben Briano - Coding/Sensors
  • Nitish Jha - Drive Train
  • Brandon Noe - Team Lead/Linkage and Transfer Systems
  • Corey Wingate - Coding/Sensors


xpress\_delivery\_robot1 xpress\_delivery\_robot2 xpress\_delivery\_closeup xpress\_delivery\_coding xpress\_delivery\_test