Robot Name: Ferrisbot
Team Placement: 3rd Place
Event: IEEE SoutheastCon 2004
Division: Student Hardware Competition
Location: Greensboro, NC

Competition Description:

The task to be performed by the robot was to autonomously “hunt” small metal balls in a given order. Specifically, each of three animals (rabbit, duck, and deer) were represented by a small metallic ball. These balls were picked up in an order that was given through IR UART during the hunt. The balls were then deposited in a box at the parking station. Official Rules

Team Members:

  • Jonathon Britton - Chassis Design
  • Will Curtis - Stoplight/IR Decoding
  • Jacob DePriest - Stoplight/IR Decoding
  • Scott Fields - Line Tracking
  • Brett Hatch - Ball Collection and Delivery
  • Brendan MacDonald - Line Tracking
  • Brian Nelson - Chassis Design
  • Justin Reed - Ball Collection and Delivery


2004\_ferrisbot1 2004\_ferrisbot2 2004\_team\_photo 2004\_ferrisbot\_third\_place 2004\_ferrisbot\_competition